Rayna Mann

Co-Owner, FurtherMore + Blogger, In The Loop

Hi!  I'm Rayna and I am constantly craving french fries. (Figured I'd start by airing out my guilty pleasures. haha) I have had the pleasure of working with In the Loop since March of 2016. Amongst production assisting, blogging, general business development brainstorming and comedic relief. I am fascinated by social media marketing, branding, and super cool artisans markets! Cue the Old Town Night Market Plug in. No, but in all honesty I love the idea of shopping small and celebrating local businesses because I too am a business owner. Which means with each local artisan, business, and maker we showcase I am full invested as if it were my own business. 

I'm not going to lie, it still surprises me when I see those words: "I am a business owner." It seems SO unreal! Yet here I am the co-owner of a lifestyle blog and online shop called FurtherMore. (You can find us at livefurthermore.com) Our company believes in supporting fellow makers, encouraging our community, and products with a purpose. We desire to help the world become a little bit better while supporting our own families' hopes and dreams. We're just starting but being located here in the land of sunny SoCal it truly feels like anything is possible! 

So... I will catch you guys either here or over at FurtherMore but until we meet again... Stay in the Loop!