Vendor FAQs

Where is the event located?

Temecula Chilled will take place at Vail Headquarters - a shopping center and historical site located within the Redhawk Towne Center in Temecula.

What are vending hours?

The event is held from 5-9pm.

How big are the booths?

Standard booths are 8 ft w x 5 ft d.  Premium booths are larger, located facing the stagecoach path, and/or closer to the entrance of the venue (varying in size). Due to the diversity of booths available, we highly recommend new vendors attend our walk-through meeting (at least two weeks prior) to better prepare for the day of. 

What is the cost to participate?

Our Standard booth rate is $100. Premium booths cost an additional $25-$50 to upgrade.

How many guests do you expect at the event, and what's the demographic?

We have a diverse crowd of all ages including families with young children, couples on date night,  trendsetting teenagers, splurging "girl gangs", and the older patrons of the arts. Our events attract between 600-1000 guests in attendance on average.

What type of vendors will be there?

Vendors are mostly local to the Temecula Valley and surrounding areas with handmade goods, boutique items, and pre-packaged food. A select number of local businesses will be welcomed to promote their services as well. MLM businesses will no longer be accepted to participate.

Are tables provided?

Sorry, tables are not provided.

Is electricity provided?

Yes, there is plenty of electricity accessible throughout the entire venue. Vendors are required to bring their own lighting to the event. Additional lighting can be rented from In The Loop, 2 clamp lights for $5.

Can I bring my canopy?

Canopies are not permitted at this event. We allow canopies to keep booths shaded during setup hours only.  Market umbrellas are a great alternative.  Custom backdrops and frames are welcome, especially for vendors with things that hang!

Can I share a booth with my friend?

Yes, but we do charge a shared booth fee of $50. This fee includes an automatic upgrade to a larger booth. Both vendors will need to apply and be accepted by our team in order to participate.

I have applied and did not hear back. What is the status of my application?

When selecting vendors we take location, social media presence, diversity, and quality into account. If you do not hear back from us within one week of your submission, you did not meet all of our requirements.


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