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Vendor FAQs

Where is the event located?

Vintage Soul Flea Market will take place at Vail Headquarters - a shopping center and historical site located within the Redhawk Towne Center in Temecula.

What are vending hours?

The event is held from 9am - 3pm (set up for vendors will begin at 5:30am)

How big are the booths and what is the cost?

-Starting Nov 9 for all new vendors-

10x10 ft booths - $125 (vendors required to bring white or pre-approved branded canopies only)

8x6 ft booths - $100 (vendors required to bring market umbrellas* - canopies not permitted)

*Market Umbrella and stand available for rent for $25

The application asks for my Booth request. What does that mean?

This event will be carefully curated with primarily true vintage vendors. To stay true to our brand, we will be reserving all 10x10ft booths for Vintage vendors only. If you are a Retro Handmade vendor, you can only request a Retro Handmade 8x5ft booth.

How many guests do you expect at the event, and what's the demographic?

We have a diverse crowd of all ages and genders, including families with young children, couples,  trendsetting teens/20somethings/30somethings , splurging "girl gangs", and the older patrons of the arts. Our events attract up to 5000 guests in attendance.

What type of vendors will be there?

Only Vintage vendors with a majority of items from the 1960s - 1990s will be approved, along with a select number of retro makers. Vendors will be strictly juried for this event and all booths will undergo inspection before the event begins to ensure they meet our requirements.

Is electricity provided?

Yes, there is plenty of electricity accessible throughout the entire venue. Access to electricity must be requested at least one week prior to the event.

Can I share a booth with my friend?

Yes, but we do charge a shared booth fee of $50 for additional marketing.

I have applied and did not hear back. What is the status of my application?

If you do not hear back from us within two weeks of your submission, please feel free to email us at


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